Here is something that I want you to see
now that you have got your hooks in me
I aint the type of guy you want me to be
'cause my mother wouldn't let me

I saw a movie with a guy called Astaire
To be a dancer was my only care
I needed shoes and saved to buy me a pair
but my mother wouldn't let me

My mother told me 'bout the birds and the bees
but I can't see what you're expecting of me
She wouldn't let me do it (do it,do it,do it)
though I really wanna try to do it ,gal

When I get up I want a nice cup of tea
I like the food my mother gives to me
I couldn't leave my home to move in with thee
'cause my mother wouldn't let me

I'd like to marry you I think you're so cute
but you'd be better with a substitute
'cause if I could I'd bye myself a new suit
but my mother wouldn't let me

Words and music:

Sweden Music 1978