If I had the luck and I had the money
The first thing I'd do was bye me a Rolls Royce, honey
oo-oo-ooh honey
The road is long and always winding
To get to the top takes plenty of climbing,
honey oo-oo-ooh honey

Rolls Royce
That's the name of the game
that's the proof of your fame
Rolls Royce
when your name is in lights
and you own all the rights
Rolls Royce
that's the name of the game
when you bathe in champagne
Your achievements on stage always make the front page
when whatever you do there's a camera on you
You can never be free you're a life guarantee
You're an everyday name
Rolls Royce

It's hard at the top
I've heard them all saying but I can't give up
I'll never stop playing ,
honey oo-oo-ooh honey
I've tried for so long
without getting nowhere
Got nothing to lose
so show me the way there ,
honey oo-oo-ooh honey

Rolls Royce...........

Words and music:
Sonet Music 1980