The mirror shows another face
than what I'm used to see
Is it just a phase I'm going through
or is it me
My imagination
is running through the station
while I'm still having tea

The mirror hangs upon the wall
and calls me from behind
I turn around and try to hear
though I'm deaf,dumb and blind
Call it intuition
but it's more like a vision
I recall within my mind

Reflections of selections
from the sections of my mind
Some fractions of attractions
like the actions from behind
Collections of projections
some connections that you find
Abstractions of reactions
satisfactions of mankind

The mirror watches closely
everytime you're passin' by
The mirror sneaks up from behind
and looks you in the eye
It gives you the ignition
in the times of indecision
that it's not too late to die

The mirror is the answer
to the thoughts within your head
The mirror is superior
to the words you never read
He tells you 'bout the givin'
and that's the worthiness of livin'
but you're already dead

Words and music:
Caj Högberg