We just drove in from Texas
The climate here could do us good
We lost a lot of money in Vegas
but won it back in Hollywood

We missed the last plane on Friday
we were stoned just the night before
We didn't hear a single song the band play
'cos we were crawling all over the ploor

And we're just Two Renegades
looking for fun in your town
We're just Two Renegades
Don't leave your daughters around
don't leave your daughters around

S'been raining for a day and a half now
got saturated late last night
Tried to dry our clothes at the hotel
We were naked almost all the night

Two ladies picked us up in Frisco
That weekend was a real good time
they must have thought that we were loaded
but when they left we didn't have a dime

Lord it's nice to keep on miving
New faces almost every day
We wouldn't trade this lifr for nothing
Just wanna carry on this way